About Us
The Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce is an independent, not-for-profit corporation chartered in 1919, responsible for promoting the economic climate in the greater Charleston, Illinois area.

The Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary membership organization which unites business and professional leaders and firms, creating a central organization with a mission to improve the business climate and build a better community.

It has been said that a Chamber’s role is to “manage change” by acting as a facilitator in bringing the right people together to make things happen. A Chamber of Commerce enables its members to accomplish what no one of them could do individually.

The Chamber’s strength lies in attracting the greatest number of individuals and firms into membership, thereby creating a pool of resources from which can be drawn ideas, energy, and finances.

In addition to the all encompassing goal of community development, the Chamber has an obligation to provide “value-added” benefits to its members which they would not be able to get from any other professional or trade association.

Membership is open to every business, organization, or individual interested in promoting the community.

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For information about joining the Chamber contact us at 217-345-7041.

Mission Statement

The Charleston Area Chamber of Commerce is a premier Member-Driven, Member-Focused organization that serves as the lead catalyst and advocate for business development and economic growth in the greater Charleston area.

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