When the Chamber of Commerce has all of the information on your business loaded into your Traffic Catcher System, the Chamber can promote your business online.

Full Optimnization Means:

  • That the necessary information on your business is loaded into the Chamber's system.
  • That the information properly explains your business.
  • That the words used in your information are words people will likely use when doing a search through the Chamber Search Engine.
  • That the pictures loaded are likely to impress the viewer who may be looking at your Traffic Catcher System information.

There are Several Ways to Implement Optimization:

  • As a Chamber member you qualify for FREE SUPPORT. You can get a question answered quickly through the Chamber Nation USA BASED support center by CLICKING HERE.
  • Optimizing your own business or organization is not difficult to do, but it will take you a few hours to do it right. Three hours is a worthwhile investment to effectively advertise your business.
  • You can work with your Chamber to optimize your business through their many optimization programs. Some Chambers have already paid for this service to be provided to you. They have launched the Chamber Nation "Real Work Experience Program," which connects your business to the local schools computer lab. The students learn business from your interview with the Student(s), while you benefit from the student's digital workmanship. Once they are finished you then take over your own local ad network to update information and edit your ad displays.
  • You have the additional option to hire someone like Mr. Russ Flint, who specializes in optimization services for Chamber members. You can reach Russ at