How Can the Chamber of Commerce Promote Me?

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce offers many advantages for business success not enjoyed by non-members. The purpose of a Chamber is to assist you as a business owner by providing valuable tools to help you grow your business.

As a Chamber member you have many business advantages including the following:

  • You are now part of a network of local businesses with similar community interests and concerns and are able to interact with like-minded business owners and professionals.
  • You are a member of a team with a goal of increasing global awareness of your community and its commerce, as well as your individual business or service. You can speak in a unified voice regarding community and business issues.
  • You have a platform from which to express opinions and offer information to the public. Through the use of available technology you can broadcast your business or service locally and globally.
  • You have access to a public forum for community involvement, education, cultural activities, and public debate.
  • You contribute to community pride by putting the community on display, promoting activities and events that present the chamber members as vibrant and involved.
  • You have access to and may contribute to the community calendar, which is used to disseminate information on community events, business meetings and items of interest to chamber members, as well as the public.
  • You are now listed in the Chamber’s powerful business directory, for easy access by other members, but primarily members of the public who may be looking for your business or service.
  • You provide the public with a location where visitors can find information on the community and local businesses. Chamber members can utilize the headquarters for projects, business promotions, board meetings and various Chamber and business needs.
  • You have full-time representation and full-time results.
  • You have a "watchdog" protecting your interests politically and economically.
  • You have access to the only recognized business support center in the community with online selling tools to increase your sales through the internet.
  • You also have access to new technology which expands your web of influence, your access to information, and your ability to communicate through the internet and the use of mobile devices. This is an important application in today's economy.

How Does the Chamber of Commerce Function?

The Chamber of Commerce is governed by a Board of Directors, which collects suggestions and information from Chamber members for consideration or action.

The Board sets general policy which is implemented by the executive staff. The Board is normally charged with selecting the President or leader. The Chamber staff consists of director(s), officers, or volunteer workers who may serve with or without pay. Full time Chamber executives and full-time staff are normally the only employees who are paid.

Here are some of the functions of your Chamber of Commerce:

  • The Chamber is designed to support your business or service.
  • The Chamber creates a legislative climate in which businesses can profit and increase employment, broadening the tax base.
  • The Chamber identifies public issues, but avoids purely partisan political issues.
  • The Chamber helps to create job opportunities through the stimulation of industrial and commercial growth. It encourages the improvement of community facilities and the development of human resources.
  • The Chamber has the honor of presenting awards, acknowledging new business developments, and presenting dignitaries to the community.
  • The Chamber exists to serve its members and the public, including welcoming tourists and new members of the community.
  • The Chamber is often the mediator in disputes. This is a definite asset to the local community.
  • The Chamber is the community mailroom, disseminating business and community information.
  • The Chamber is the local fundraiser, event planner, and business promoter.
  • The Chamber has many technological advantages, which are currently in use by many or on the horizon for others.

Modern Chambers provide members with significant promotional services and tools, which are valuable for local businesses and extremely valuable for home based businesses. Virtual business members are a growing segment of Chamber membership.

Ralph Higgins is a writer for the Green Business Chamber and contributor to ChamberMe.