Coles Business Park
Coles Business Park is a 120 acre, fully developed business park located on Illinois Rt. 16 midway between Charleston and Mattoon. This places the site within 4 miles of a combined population of 43,000.

The primary retail draw for this area is the two communities, as well as several smaller rural towns. The highway has an average daily traffic count of 15,800 vehicles per day at this location.

The Business Park is located 3 miles from Interstate 57 and ½ mile from the Coles county Airport, making it ideal for office space, distribution, and large draw retail.

The Coles Business Park is located within an Enterprise Zone which features potential development incentives such as:

  • Partial Property Tax Abatements
  • Sales Tax Exemptions on Building Materials
  • Partial Sales Tax Exemptions on Tangible Property
  • Partial Sales Tax Exemptions on Pollution Controls
  • Illinois Income Tax Credit on Investments
  • Illinois Income Tax Credit for hiring dislocated or disadvantaged workers
  • Interest Tax Exemptions
  • Building Permit Fee Waivers

The Enterprise Zone expires in 2020. Assistance for funding from state programs is also available.