Community Profile

Welcome to Charleston, Illinois

Charleston is a progressive city of nearly 22,000 persons located in east central Illinois. Rich in the history of Abraham Lincoln, the city features a balance of industrial, agricultural, educational and cultural opportunity.

With its close proximity to large metropolitan areas, access to recreational sites, business and employment opportunities, Charleston provides its citizens with a full range of living experiences that are generally found in much larger communities.

Charleston is a showcase of midwestern living at its best. Over a dozen industries, rich productive farmland, a state university, and the county seat of government help provide Charleston with economic balance and a strong, thriving business climate.

Surrounded by family farms and rich soils, Charleston’s economy is bolstered by agriculture. The county’s more than 900 farms produce 15.3 million bushels of corn and 4.6 million bushels of soybeans.

A strong spirit of cooperation helps bind the Charleston community together. Proud of that spirit, the people of Charleston coach the Little League teams, help offer economic incentives for new industry, support local education and nurture the rich history of the area. Charleston residents translate a proud spirit into action in their public and personal lives.

Here are people who care and people who want to share the prosperity they enjoy. This kind of enduring spirit has made Charleston what it is today and has fostered its potential for tomorrow.