Can You do This For Me?


This website will show you what you are provided at no charge when you are a paid member of a participating Chamber of Commerce.

This program is designed to be simple to use and easy to update with your latest advertising information. USA based support is also included to be sure you get the most out of this program and your Chamber of Commerce membership.

Can You Advertise Me?


The Chamber of Commerce is the MOST TRUSTED SOURCE FOR LOCAL INFORMATION and is in the perfect position to advertise your business. Services in Most Chambers Include:
  • High quility publications where you can advertise.
  • Local newspapers often carry Chamber business information.
  • Your business can sponsor events through the Chamber.
  • There are many additional advantages.

Can You Support Me?


The Chamber of Commerce is always there to support its members. From local commerce issues to business development and even education on how to grow your business, you will find answers as a Chamber of Commerce member.

From a technology point-of-view, there is no better source for promoting your business locally online.

Can You Mobile Me?


The Chambers of Commerce that are connected to the Chamber Nation network offer starter mobile applications to their members.

You can choose a URL for an extention to the online member directory. This application makes it easy for people to view your business via mobile phone. When you activate the Buy Local Program a more advanced mobile app is provided at no additional cost.

Can You Promote Me?


Every local business wants to start with the most trusted source for local information when it comes to promoting their business. And that, of course, is their local Chamber of Commerce.

People use search search engines to find businesses and services in todays economy. It is critical for any business to be part of one of the most popular websites in their particular community.

Can You List Me?


Millions of people each month depend on Chambers of Commerce to locate businesses within a particular community.

Massive search engines are able to locate almost anything, but when someone wants to dig deep into a local area, the Chamber of Commerce directory is typically the starting point in their search.

Can You Grow Me?


There is a distinct advantage in combining efforts with other like-minded businesses and applying available technology effectively to expand your business. This also increases global awareness of your community.The more your local business community grows, the more potential there is for your own business or service.

Can You Network Me?


The Chamber Social Network© ("CSN") is the network members use, but it is not a replacement for using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to promote the members and their events.

The combination of the CSN with traditional networks allows for easy launch, updates and management of leads coming into the member's businesses. Trading leads between members is also automated with full tracking via member login.

Can You Calendar Me?


Membership organizations like Chambers of Commerce are typically in prime positions within the community to promote its members, their businesses and events.

If your Chamber is part of the vast Chamber Nation network, you have access to the Local Calendar Network for members in your area.

Can You Optimize Me?


Although the Chamber of Commerce is providing you an incredible array of tools and promotional value, you will need to provide your detailed business information to take advantage of these benefits of membership.

It's very important to take the time to answer the questions within the Chamber of Commerce Chamber Nation program.

Can You Search Me?


The Chamber's Marketing Plan not only leverages the free technology you now receive as a member, but provides you with a plan on how to market to your existing customers without increasing your monthly advertising budget.

But you must be optimized to be searched.

Can You Green Business Me?

Well No!

But we can help you advertise the things your business may be doing towards that end.

Imagine if your prospects or customers could see you showcased on the Chamber of Commerce membership directory for taking steps to reduce energy consumption and / or doing interesting things to recycle products, etc.

Can You Educate Me?


To participate in our FREE online training classes, please ask your Chamber of Commerce or Organization for login information.

Classes are held online so you will need a telephone and a computer that can connect to the Internet.

Classes are held on the:

OF EVERY MONTH (Skipped if Holiday)

  • 5pm PST
  • 6pm MT
  • 7pm CST
  • 8pm EST

and on the...

OF EVERY MONTH (Skipped if Holiday)

  • 11am PST
  • 12 pm MT
  • 1pm CST
  • 2pm EST

Can You Chamber Me?


When you join a Chamber of Commerce, you become part of an institution; a team of residents, growing local business and promoting the community as a whole.

As a Chamber member you gain immediate access to the "Most Trusted Source for Local Information."

As a Chamber member you become a part of a vibrant group of businesses with the advantage of a local referral network.